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A new operating system for Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad, Apple announced on WWDC’14 in June 2014. This was the eighth in a row version of iOS. However, if differences between iOS 6 and iOS 7; were simply enormous, the iOS 8 and iOS 7 are very similar, and innovations are not many, but they are. And now here was have the rumours of iOS 9 and no doubt we would not hear anything official about the new iOS early to June 2015.

Apple iOS 9

The new Apple OS 8 is now available for download and installation. It is supported by all modern devices and starting with the iPhone 4S and iPad 2. The new iOS is not revolutionary, the expected changes in interfaces were pretty high but we got a similar iOS to previous version. But let’s hope the new Apple iOS 9 would bring lots of good changes and a new interface.

No doubt, Apple device users and fans are bored to see the same or little upgraded interface. Everyone out there is looking for a change; so that they’re already having Apple device would be all new with just an update of iOS.

Let’s discover the changes and expectations in the Apple iOS 9

iOS 9 AppStore

When searching for something in the AppStore in iOS 8, the change immediately offered popular searches. And the results are displayed in a pretty good way. In general, the change in graphic is small but it should be more convenient than before. So, you can set the expectation of more convenient design and features in iOS 9 AppStore.


Many innovations in iOS 8 concluded not to change the design, and the software part. For example, in the Settings menu has several important and interesting points. Firstly, we can now see the statistics accumulator. This is the feature that has long been in Android, but its been waiting for iOS. With it, you really see what applications are consuming a lot of memory and power and try to use them less frequently. In addition, the settings can now include a special mode Handoff, which allows you to work in the first application on iOS, and then switch to work at it the same, but on OS X. There was also a new feature in the Universal Access. Now you can not only make the inverted color screen, but simply switch the display in black and white mode. In the first place, of course, this functionality is aimed primarily at people with vision problems.

But again the changes in iOS 8 are not more and wonderful. It is expected to see a new designed tab for setting in the iOS 9, which will bring lots more changes and fruitful features.

Apple iOS 9

Faster keyboard:

Apple claimed that in iOS 8 they have the fastest and most reliable keyboard available in any of the mobile operating system. Well, Apple walked on their promise and this is true. Recently, someone broken the Guinness world’s record of fastest typing in a mobile, and yes it was done in iOS 8 device. So, Apple is keeping an eye that users interaction through keyboard should be fastest and reliable and similar thing is expected in iOS 9.

Camera & Photo

In iOS 8, the camera has several important and convenient features. For example, add a timer and the ability to record timelapse now it does not require third-party applications. In addition, the photo mode after focusing can adjust the exposure slider to the right and has improved built-in photo editor, so now you can quickly fix photos before its publication. On the Work with photos you can now put this picture to wallpaper, start a slide show of selected pictures, copy, or assign to a contact. Well, this is pretty nice in iOS 8 but what are the expectations from the iOS 9 camera features are crazy and the list is long. In Android platform several new changes are made and implemented and now iOS is inheriting some of the successful changes. And we hope camera would work like charm, fast and superfine with the next iOS 9 update.

Health and Tips

When you upgrade to iOS 8 you would find two new applications. This Tips and Health. Let’s start with the Soviets, because it is very simple and, in general, not really necessary. It just is, and will continue to appear more, tips for using iOS 8. It is unclear why it is necessary, but if you have any questions or misunderstandings can go look. But the application Health – pieces you need. To it, in the future it will be possible to connect a variety of applications or sensors. Thus, it is quite a professional program that can monitor the state of your health and physical activity. Likely that it will connect Apple Watch. No doubt the new innovations in iOS 8 are pretty good but they are limited with lack of knowledge or interaction means, so Apple will definitely overcome the scenario and would make iOS 9 more reliable.

The Weather

Previously, Apple gets the weather from Yahoo, and that in turn from The Weather Channel. Now enter the data directly from The Weather Channel. Also, now the information about weather in this region appears a bit more, which is useful. So, you can notice there are continuous development in the app “The weather” in iOS and we would definitely witness few useful changes in upcoming new Apple iOS 9.

iOS 9 Spotlight Search

In iOS 8, now the application list does not shift down, exposing the search string as it was in iOS 7, and just cover the entire screen and is only visible string and keyboard. It is not clear yet if this is convenient. You can search for applications, contacts, music, or simply run a search on the Internet. And it would be definitely more convenient to use in new iOS 2015.

Apple iOS 9 Siri

Alas, the voice assistant Siri, which is available for 3 years, starting with the iPhone 4S, again received the support of the several languages. And it has passed through many revolutions and in iOS 8 it works like charm but something is still missing. The interaction should be faster and better. And we would definitely see the new interface of Siri and interaction in upcoming new Apple iOS 9X.

Better features for Family Access

In iOS 8, it was good to see that Apple worked on family access. Suppose you have few iOS devices distributed in your family members, you can share music, movies, applications, and other things. In addition, if your child has the iPhone, then you can pay for his purchases and thus decide what we will enjoy. Quite a handy feature, especially for those who do the entire household ecosystem built on the devices of Apple. And we would see the more advanced features like this in Apple OS 9.

Apple iOS 9

iCloud Drive

Previously, the functionality of cloud service iCloud was pretty stripped-down, compared with the solutions of other manufacturers, for example, Google Drive or Dropbox. Now, with the arrival of iOS 8, Apple has made iCloud Drive, providing it with all the necessary functions of the “cloud.” It is now possible to store not only photos, videos or documents and other data, including third-party applications. Moreover, iCloud Drive is available not only on iOS or Mac OS X, but also on Windows. By the way, along with this update, Apple has lowered the price of the use of cloud services, so that now it is quite budget. Thus, even in the new iOS and not too drastic changes, but they are important and significant impact on the interaction between man and the smartphone. If you have not updated to iOS 8, you should do it. And you can notice the drop in the iCloud Drive prices with the launch of new iOS and we would witness the same in iOS 9 too.

Check out what Google has to offer, just launched Pixel 2 is doing great, but the expectations from the upcoming pixel devices for the Google Pixel 3 specifications are even set higher.

 The list of expected changes in iOS 9:

  • Parental Controls
  • Better user profiles and control
  • Multi-tasking and preferable split-screen
  • Better Apple maps with pubic transport directions
  • Calculator App on iPad
  • More optimized Siri
  • A new Interface

Well, the expectation list will go longer but yes, Apple will definitely work on the changes that users are expecting, as Apple wants to serve best to its customers. But the iOS 9 release date is too far, so let’s wait, watch and explore all the features of new iOS 9 together, here. Stay tuned to know more and follow up update by subscribing.

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