Apple iPhone 9 will come up with 4k Display: Specs & Features

The releases of Apple are day-by-day becoming more frequent and fervent. The latest smart device of the American Electronics Giant, iPhone 8 has been in the market recently and has not seen the day light properly, but again from somewhere the news popped out that the 6th family member of the Apple Note, Apple iPhone 9 is on its way to see the world with a new concept of foldable display.

The Arrival of Apple iPhone 9

According to the latest news on Apple iPhone 9 on internet, it has been heard that this gadget is on its way to be in the market in the third quarter of next year, since the iPhone 8 is still new in the market as it arrived just few weeks ago this year. The coming of this smart phone is going to be very revolutionary and this gadget is known be one of the best outcome of Apple as said to be a “Phone with the latest advancements.” As we can see that the coming of iPhone 9 is marked to be around the month of Feb, 2018 so the expectation is also becoming higher with is coming.

Foldable Feature of iPhone 9

The latest tech news said that this smart phone is going to be accompanied with best features ever and among all its features the best one is the provision of having a 4K Foldable Display which will enhance the amusement of its fans.

Other mind boggling features of iPhone 9

iPhone 9

  • A huge provision of 6 GB RAM
  • Availability in various packages of internal storage such as 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB
  • The best display ever of 4K Foldable Display
  • A great compilation of 30 MP Primary Camera and 16 MP Secondary Camera
  • With a great battery of 4,500mAh having the facility of Fast Charging Technology
  • Provision of latest connectivity criteria for speedy internet
  • Housed with the Snapdragon Qualcomm Octa core 2.9 GHz processor
  • The display is going to have 4K resolution and a 3D camera element

Battery and Charging of iPhone 9

The battery and charging of this phablet is said to really fast. As it has been determined that the charging technology is a so good that 40% charge is said to be done in just a small time pace of just about 4 minutes. This is going to be a boon for all its users.

Many new things can be seen in this new and upcoming Apple iPhone 9 with respect to all the other smart phones, phablets or tabs made by this company till the day. All the specs of this iPhone 9 is going to be the point of conviction for the company which will can make it one of the best-selling Apple Phablet in the history. So, let’s wait for the arrival of it.

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